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One Green Bean is full service earned media agency, providing PR, social media and content underpinned by strategy, design, production, data and insights.

Above all, we’re a business geared around creative developing bold, often provocative ideas that have inherent new value and social currency.

We’ve built a multi-skilled team that includes people from PR, social media, technology, content and design to help us do this. Good people, who genuinely care and go above and beyond every day. We like to think we’re a full-service agency of the future. Today.
Virgin Holidays

Chief Carribean Officer

With the Caribbean being a key destination for Virgin Holidays, we were asked to deliver a PR-led campaign that showcased the region in a playful and entertaining way through content. So – we enlisted the one and only SHAGGY to be the brand’s official Chief Caribbean Officer! Shaggy fronted a hero film and a set of social-first edits promoting the Caribbean and bringing to life the best holiday experiences on offer.
Sky Ocean Rescue


Sky Ocean Rescue shines a spotlight on the issues affecting ocean health, finds innovative solutions to the problem of ocean plastics, and inspires people to make small everyday changes that collectively make a huge difference. We were asked to take this corporate ambition to the nation in a way that would capture mass attention. We built a spectacular life-sized plastic whale made of 250kg of plastic recovered from Britain’s oceans and beaches – a dramatic visual representation of the amount of plastic that ends up in the world’s oceans EVERY SECOND. We ran a national competition inviting the British public to name the whale – Plasticus, and we took it on a nationwide tour of Britain, to engage the public with a visually compelling activation and educate them about the impact of single use plastic on our oceans.

Pride Flight

Virgin Holidays and Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays have been supporting LGBTQ+ travellers for over a decade. We were asked to mark 10 years of LGBTQ+ supporting by doing something that would make a positive statement about Virgin’s commitment to inclusivity that would be celebratory and distinctly Virgin. We launched the PRIDE FLIGHT – the world’s FIRST specially chartered flight to celebrate queer culture at 30,000 feet. Staffed entirely LGBTQ+ pilots and crew, with a host of British LGBTQ+ ‘royalty’ onboard, the Pride Flight is set to be the biggest party in the sky the world has ever seen. This campaign SOLD out an entire plan in just THREE HOURS – and unprecedented first in the British airline industry and likely a first worldwide.

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