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I may destroy you

I may destroy you

The BBC has a problem. The nation’s youth (under-35s) is departing in droves; its weekly reach has fallen 11% in the past two years. Perceived to be out of touch and increasingly out of mind, In ‘I May Destroy You’ (IMDY), we had the makings of a golden ticket to address topics of sexual consent in a way that really mattered to u35s. CONNECTION: We partnered with The Face & gal dem to shape an authentic conversation around the culture and passions of our audience. CONTEXT: Built to coincide with Sexual Health Awareness week, our digital zine 'The Ins and Outs of Consent’, explored the topic of consent from multiple perspectives and served as an important digital resource for U35’s. CONTENT: The Zine featured an A-Z of consent and detailed seven ‘chapters’ that covered topics such as gender identity. The whole zine was interlaced with evocative video clips and pictures from the show, as well as expert voices.


Yodel Boiz

As part of Domino’s Summer campaign, the world was re-introduced to the wonders of yodeling; helping to launch the new Group Ordering functionality within the Domino’s app. Our task was to embed the yodel in popular culture and start a yodelling movement so working with 4studios and Channel 4 we came up with the idea of the ‘Yodel Boiz.’ We meet members of Yodel Boiz, an underground group of yodellers who put their unique vocal sound to some of the coldest beats in town. We witness a yodel battle and sit with them in the studio as finish their debut album; ‘Beats, Bars n Bratwurst’. The campaign delivered over 3.1m views totalling 53,500k hours viewed with an average of 92% positive sentiment!

Check Your Draws

Check your draws

With sustainability and community under the spotlight, giffgaff wanted to draw stark contrast to the rest of the category. Through partnering with LADBible, the largest social publisher in the UK we hijacked Black Friday, the most ‘transactional’ period of the year. With highly creative video content we highlighted the issue of e-waste and the need for a circular economy and with 1200 old handsets being put back into circulation, we’ve managed to drive brand fame, but significantly, an immediate behavioural change that benefits both people and the planet. Through our social partnership we got people to think and act differently. We did this at Black Friday, when they least expected it and in direct opposition to what the competition were doing. As a result, giffgaff now leads the category on levels of advocacy and are now synonymous as THE destination for refurbished handsets.


Travel Fan in Japan

During the Rugby World Cup 2019, O2's goal was to bring England fans closer to the action in Japan and bridge the gap between the two cultures and generate fan support using #WearTheRose. We launched a six-part video series bringing to life Japanese Bushido values in key cities around Japan, where the tournament was being played. The series hosted by ex-player, Ugo Monye and social media favourite, Jamie Laing. The pair unpack each value demonstrating how it relates to the world of Rugby in a comical 'Travel Man' style format.​ The content series gained 506K series-views, 8.8M acts of support and saw O2 as the number one brand associated with Rugby Union sponsorship.

The Open University

Generation Change: Ones To Watch

The Open University launched a brand new partnership on Monday with MTV: Generation Change: Ones To Watch. This 4-part video series, fronted by musician, writer, broadcaster and comedian Munya Chawawa, shines a light on trailblazing OU students using the knowledge and expertise gained from their degree to bring about positive change in the world. The four branded content episodes all premiere across MTV UK’s Facebook, and YouTube platforms; with each episode having dedicated promotional assets living across Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Linear TV and Video On Demand . The campaign, which aims which aims to gain cultural credibility amongst 18-28 year olds and improve perceptions of the OU amongst that audience launched with the story of Alex, an engineering student fresh from 6 months in Antarctica, helping to tackle climate change.


Deep Relief 'Everyone's an Expert'

Topical pain relief products can be similar in both their offering and their branding – and despite a recent packaging redesign, Deep Relief still had low brand awareness among their among their target audience. The challenge to JUMP was to create a TV advert that was not only memorable, but actually helped the audience to understand the key selling points of the product and differentiated it within the category.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

In the midst of the pandemic, we were tasked with supporting the launch of Samsung’s new flagship device: the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. To cut through the doom and gloom, we decided to celebrate all the good that’s come out of lockdown, by arming a content creator with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G and tasking them to create a short film exploring playful positivity in the face of adversity. The campaign was an enormous success, performing above benchmark across the board, and proving that with the right creative and media planning, content can be used to drive conversion.

Creating a new community of BBC Sounds lovers through influencers

Creating a new community of BBC Sounds lovers through influencers

In a BBC first, we aimed to drive consideration and mass awareness of  BBC Sounds music, radio, and podcasts to grow a community of engaged listeners (18-30 year olds) across YouTube and Instagram. Working with highly relevant influencers on YouTube via our friends at Digital Voices, our campaign was split into 2 phases: Phase 1 focused on BBC Sounds Podcasts to inspire the target audience to become a community of listeners. Phase 2 evolved key messaging to focus on the three individual pillars of BBC sounds- Radio, Sounds Podcast and Music Mixes. Worked with 9 different creators over 6 months producing a total of 95 pieces of content ranging from YouTube videos and Instagram Stories


Power of Four

Building on the success of our New Phone Who Dis? content in 2019, we approached the Power of Four brief by placing the four Samsung devices featured in a lifestyle setting. Focusing on the insight that many of us are now juggling work and play while working from home during lockdown, we enlisted Jane Douglas: gamer, journalist and all round multi-tasker as the protagonist for our content.


Match Attax

Need a reason to collect? Well now you’ve got one. For the launch of Topps’ latest card and sticker collections, we created campaigns that built excitement and urgency like never before. By linking up with Lionel Messi and some of the other hottest talent in world football, we showed our audiences just what it means to get that ‘101 Feeling’ and to come up trumps against your friends. Through TV, Social and Digital activations, we helped cement the Topps brand as the number one collectible European Football brand, by creating vibrant and engaging campaign that burst into life from the word go.


Behind the Sofa

To support Jameson’s ‘Seen and Heard Music’ platform for up-and-coming musicians, we partnered with SoFar Sounds to host co-branded gigs across the country, supported by an intimate content series made alongside Vice Noisey. Across its six parts, Behind The Sofa gives people insightful, relevant and - most importantly - genuine advice on how to break into the music industry.

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