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As the world changes so do people’s expectations. And as people’s expectations change, so too must the world of work and study. Which is where we come in. We’re a team of 100+ curious minds dotted right across the globe. From New York to London to Dubai to Singapore to Melbourne, we spend our days – and occasionally our evenings – helping brands become ever more meaningful in the eyes of their audiences. We do it for some of the world’s biggest names, government departments, universities and charities. Each providing us with the kind of challenge that makes us think, sweat, frown, debate and then do.

Standard Bank

Stepping Out For Africa

Standard Bank is Africa’s bank. Its purpose is to drive her growth. But while a role that benefits your community, your country and your continent appeals to Africa’s GenZ, banking isn’t the sector in which they think they can do it. To counter those perceptions and attract those who hadn't even considered a career in banking, we teamed up with an ethical sneaker brand and urged people to step forward and share what they want from a career and what they don’t. The campaign ran for four-months, across Africa and generated more graduate programme applications (and diversity of applications) than ever before.

Costa Coffee

The Soundtrack

With a new vision to be the world's most loved coffee brand, Costa wanted to launch and embed their new values into the business. So we mixed the sounds of Costa with real instruments, and created four bespoke tracks. Each was developed so than when people listened to it, they began to feel the values of Warmth, Courage, Passion or Trust. The Soundtrack is being used across the business - from video communications to music on webinars.


Sorry (Not Sorry)

2017/18 was an exceptional year for Nottingham Trent University. So when it came to Clearing 2018, they wanted higher achievers, like themselves. NTU didn’t see Clearing as a last resort for students, but as a second choice to not settle when it comes to university. Breakups are hard so to help students let their original uni choice down gently, NTU reminded them that all they needed to say was ‘Sorry (not Sorry)’. Our bold, unapologetic campaign made noise across the country and as a result, NTU filled all of their Clearing places in just 4 days.


Tech Your Portrait

BP are not alone in their determination to attract and hire more female technology professionals. So when other organisations used the The Women of Silicon Roundabout Conference to passively tell the stories of their people, we decided to focus our attention and energy on the 6000 women in attendance. Using Microsoft Hololens (the kind of AR tech BP use) to recognise and celebrate their achievements and ambitions.


Find the Real Story Inside

This campaign, for HM Prison and Probation Service aims to attract Forensic Psychologists to the profession by highlighting the reality, rawness and complexity of offenders’ stories – and the importance of going beyond the surface to uncover them. Our campaign encouraged candidates to Find the Real Story Inside.

Morgan Advanced Materials


Global materials tech firm Morgan Advanced Materials were in the market for graduate talent. While Havas People’s attraction team handled a strong media-driven campaign, engage|ats were enlisted to support the recruitment process. Our capabilities in supporting multiple languages meant we were able to go live for all regions and schemes from graduate to lateral hire. Since then, we’ve seen significant progress in how Morgan Advanced Materials handles its recruitment, with a 333% increase in applications to their Graduate Leadership Scheme alone.

Heriot Watt University

The World's Tallest Announcement

Heriot Watt was the first British University to establish a campus in Dubai and has gone from strength to strength. In 2019 it received a prestigious award from Forbes Magazine and was also given the highest accreditation by the KHDA. Their challenge was to tell this story to their staff, students, alumni and corporate partners. We decided to use the world’s tallest building to display an animation of one of the founders – James Watt – leaving his plinth in Edinburgh to come to Dubai on 26th November at precisely 8.23pm, the whole world tuned in to see James pick up the awards.

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