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We are dedicated to changing the way the world does healthcare communications for the better. We are committed to bringing about change. Change informed by experience, driven by innovation and proven in delivery. We work alongside healthcare professionals, patients, carers, and pharmaceutical brands to overcome the complex challenges of modern healthcare. Our work blends strategic insight and deep scientific understanding with creativity and digital innovation, delivering healthcare campaigns and solutions that really make a difference to people’s lives.

Our heritage dates to 1986 and, whilst the world around us has changed, our values haven’t.



Arthritis is widely seen as an old person’s disease. So much so, that in the UK no patient support materials existed for children with Systematic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (sJIA). When a child’s sJIA does flare up, there aren’t any visible signs and they often struggle to communicate the pain they are in. We designed the first patient support pack in the UK aimed specifically at children with sJIA, and developed a two-tone wristband that helped them discreetly let a grown-up know just how they’re feeling and when they need help.

The brighter side of Parkinson's

The Brighter Side of Parkinson's

Welcome to the brighter side of Parkinson’s. Gathering together the brightest slices of positivity from across the Parkyverse, Parkylife is chock-full of hacks, perks, inspiring people and funny stories, brought to life by a series of artists and illustrators. Parkinson’s doesn’t give you loads to smile about. So Parkylife is here for whenever you need a lift, or a laugh, or a great big hearty cuddle. Learn more about Parkylife here:

Patient Centricity on Trial
Havas Lynx Faze

Patient Centricity on Trial

Clinical trials are broken, and only patients can help us fix them. If we let them. Today, 40 million patients are needed for over 300,000 clinical trials, worldwide. Clinical trials are the lifeblood of medicine, yet they are struggling for numbers. And without effective recruitment, the cost of producing the next generation of drugs, soars. In this campaign, we explore how bringing the patient experience front and centre in clinical trials could revolutionise trial design, retention and recruitment – ultimately improving outcomes. Learn more about the campaign here:

Heart UK

Luv Dub

In the UK, more than 30 women die prematurely from cardiovascular disease every day. And yet, heart health campaigns are predominantly aimed at men. This lack of awareness can result in women dismissing common symptoms until it’s too late. We had to encourage women to stop and listen to the warning signs emanating from the heart. To engage the radio listener, we crafted a romantic poem which, at first, could have been delivered from one lover to another. In fact, the poem is an emotional plea from a heart to its ‘owner’, to reflect on their lifestyle before it’s too late. Inspired by the fact that Cardiologists refer to the heart beat as ‘lub-dub’, every word and syllable of our ‘Luv Dub’ poem has been chosen to maintain the repetition of a cardiac rhythm, and delivered at exactly 100bpm – the heart rate of someone who is in an agitated state. Luv Dub is a poem that celebrates the art of radio, its craft and ability to seduce and disrupt the listener – to prevent more women prematurely losing their lives to heart disease.

United for Global Mental Health

New Mindset

Although medical advances in understanding mental health conditions have grown exponentially, and efforts to raise awareness and decrease stigma in society have proven fruitful, these have not translated into action. United for Global Mental Health is a catalyst for change, committed to giving everyone, everywhere, someone to turn to in support of their mental health. They needed a film to truly change people’s minds about mental health. We joined forces with the four-time Academy Award-winning studio Aardman to underline how mental ill health is a global issue that affects everyone, everywhere. Together, we created a film set in a beautiful antique shop, with all elements hand-made and brought to life through a combination of live action and stop-frame animation. The film is voiced by the ever-recognisable Stephen Fry, who famously suffers from bipolar disorder, to ensure the message is heard. The short film raised global awareness and was even supported by Lady Gaga. We helped the global mental health community gain support to change how mental health is funded and treated globally.

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