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Arena Media works with brands that want to disrupt the category and grow their business. We embrace change and the opportunity to help brands grow. Retaining the independent, entrepreneurial spirit that Arena Media was built on, we’re at our best when we work with brands who aren’t afraid to do things differently. We make things happen, helping brands perform – balancing short-term results and sustained growth.

The Official Food of Everything

Arena Media has been a partner to Domino’s Pizza for over 20 years. The consistent business objective for media has been to deliver growth – in terms of order count, order value and overall contribution to revenue. Over that time, the category has been fundamentally changed and we've had to navigate a number of challenges to retain Domino's position. Delivery platforms like Just Eat and Deliveroo are growing the takeaway market but also increasing the range of choice and elevating expectations. At the same time, our audience's media consumption is evolving and fragmenting, making it more difficult to reach and engage with them. We've worked with Domino's to constantly stay ahead of these changes, shifting our media planning and buying and retaining Domino's place as the UK's #1 takeaway pizza brand.
Westfield Shopping

Destination Westfield

From the introduction of Westfield to the UK, to their recent European re-launch we’ve shared a successful partnership of over 10 years. We have fully established Destination Westfield ensuring annual footfall growth into both London centres. From the first ever launch event with Grazia, who decamped to Westfield for the week to deliver a whole issue, to winning a Gold Media Week award for the econometric work that transformed our approach to media, we have kept the relationship fresh and the media innovative. More recently, the introduction of an editorial led partnership with the Evening Standard featuring top tips on fashion and dining out every month has kept Westfield part of the Londoner's agenda.
Savills Estate Agents

A Savills Love Story

We started working with Savills in 2016. The sector was changing dramatically; new online agents started to make themselves known, buyers and sellers wanted more and Savills faced a perception challenge. We created a new go to market strategy that would build across the next 3 years to position Savills as the seller’s biggest ally; answering their specific needs and navigating the challenges. We needed to give Savills a more human face to prime and build empathy and change current perceptions. Film was chosen, to tell the Savills 'Love Story' putting them on TV and in Cinema for the first time....and we've never looked back.
Royal Mail Group


The Redirection service is a lead product enabling home movers to forward mail to their new address. It was one of the first campaigns we worked on together following Arena winning the Royal Mail business in 2015. Redirection was in long-term decline with consumers not understanding the importance of the product and not putting a value on missing mail. To re-invigorate Redirection and help meet the consumer challenge head on, we introduced brand media such as Audio and Facebook to drive consideration amongst home movers and help support a refreshed Search strategy. Resulting volumes of new applicants have allowed us to reverse the decline with econometrics confirming positive ROI from paid media.
Ella's Kitchen

Our Mission to Think Differently

In 2007, one man changed the face of the baby aisle forever. Paul Lindley, uninspired by the weaning experience of his own children Ella and Paddy, knew from his days at Nickelodeon that if you make things fun you’re more likely to get kids’ attention. For decades, the baby aisle had been dull and bland. Monopolised by two power brands, with little innovation. Ella’s Kitchen behave differently and at Arena, we ensure that we look to challenge media conventions to maintain and drive growth. In 2017 we started with an evolution of paid media to fully exploit all digital touchpoints. From campaign bursts to always-on, from content creation to recruitment and distribution, focused on mobile first and increasing conversations.

Our clients

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